Pomponazzi Applications

What do we use it for?


Pomponazzi Quartz Glass Coating not only preserves the paint work but also protects the surface from the harsh environment. Pomponazzi works wonders on cars and bikes alike and leaves the paint work looking vibrant and full of life. A complete exterior correction is performed prior to the application of Pomponazzi to get the paint work looking better than show room finish. This allows our Pomponazzi Quartz Glass Coating to lock in the surfaces’ finish for years to come. Pomponazzi can be applied to vehicles of all makes, models, years and conditions. We even apply Pomponazzi to motorbikes, push bikes, etc.


Pomponazzi has been tried and tested on various marine applications such as boats and jet skis with amazing results. Pomponazzi provides much needed protection to combat salt water applications. Paint work correction is applied to the exterior of the water craft and then we apply our Pomponazzi Quartz Glass Coating to seal in the surface.