About Us

Pomponazzi Oceania has been operating within Australian borders since 2015. Our Quartz Glass Coating has been designed to protect all of your assets for years to come.

Pomponazzi Product Range

Pomponazzi 440.

Pomponazzi 880.

Pomponazzi 880xx.

Pomponazzi TU.


Multi Purpose Cleaner.

Vehicle applications

Pomponazzi Quartz Glass Coating not only preserves the paint work but also protects it from the harsh environments. Pomponazzi works wonders on cars and bikes alike and leaves the paint work looking vibrant and full of life.


Pomponazzi has been tried and tested on various marine applications such as boats and jet skis with amazing results. Pomponazzi provides much needed protection to combat salt water applications.

Aircraft Application

Pomponazzi can be applied to the entire exterior of an aircraft, whether it be planes, helicopters or even drones. Pomponazzi provides clear visibility for air craft applications, meaning a much safer flight for any pilot.

Residential & Commercial Application

Pomponazzi has many useful applications in a residential and commercial environment. Pomponazzi can be applied to bench tops, windows, fences, security camera lenses, etc.

Latest News

– Pomponazzi Oceania’s head office has moved to 8/18 Ellerslie Road Meadowbrook Brisbane, Queensland Australia 4131.

– Pomponazzi Oceania opens up a new state of the art facility in New Zealand for the first expansion into the borders of NZ.

– Pomponazzi Oceania Launches new website.